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A group of 12 electricians came together to start a barefoot soccer club in the Greater Sacramento area. This initiative began when an electrician noticed that barefoot soccer had therapeutic effects after he had suffered from an electric shock on the job. Before he started this club, he carried out a little research to see if it is something he could do. His discoveries showed that no electrician in the city of Sacramento was pursuing such dreams. This led him to ask some friends who lived outside the area if they knew anyone who ran such clubs. A friend introduced him to someone in the Washington DC area. He said that the man once worked as an electrician before he began the organization.

Picture of a group of electricians in Sacramento,CA playing soccerAfter his research, he called his friends and told them that he wants to start a barefoot soccer club. He shared the benefits and told them why they should get involved. It was kind of interesting to note that some of them had nursed the idea but did not have the time to execute the project. They reviewed their schedules and decided to fix their events for Sunday evening. One of the men made it compulsory for everyone to bring at least one member of his family. He said that this would be a good way to bond. His suggestion was accepted by everyone, and the fun at the events was not matched by any of their experiences in recent times.

On a particular Sunday, a man who was new to town asked people that he was looking for a place to hire a Sacramento electrician. They told him that he could meet them at the spot where they hold their barefoot soccer club events. The man protested and said he needed someone that will be available for work. They told him that it would not be hard to find any electrician, but if he wants the best service, he needs to connect with those at the club. This made the man drive to the event of the barefoot soccer group. He noticed that they had a match, so he decided to enjoy the experience. At the end of the duel, he promised that he would keep coming every Sunday to be entertained.

As he was caught in the excitement of the moment, he almost forgot why he visited the spot. It was someone who saw him asking for a direction that inquired if he had contracted an electrician. The man shouted in surprise and ran back to talk to one of the electricians. They promise to get to his home that same day to fix the electrical challenge. It was not long before people in Sacramento, CA, got to know about the Barefoot Soccer club. More individuals began to show interest in their activities.

When it got to a place of achieving regional recognition, the man decided to hand it over to a company to manage. He believed that they would have the capacity and resources to run the barefoot soccer club equitably.

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