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Anyone who follows the game of soccer knows that it is one of the most intriguing sports in the world. People use it to bond, stay healthy and some take it a step higher as a professional career. It becomes interesting when professionals in a different field organize a league that keeps moving to new levels each year. A Soccer league comprising of top property managers in Cincinnati have decided to up the ante this year. They made up a big prize pool which is quite phenomenal. The top prize is $500,000 and the winning team will travel to a choice vacation spot in Europe. The second prize is $300,000 and the team gets a vacation in Florida. The third prize is $200,000 with a day out at a recognized cinema in Cincinnati.

One of the prominent players that have emerged from the league is Stephen Fitzgerald. He is a staff of Property Management Aces of Cincinnati. Steve has a rich mastery of the game and some of his colleagues have asked him to take it more seriously. However, he stated that he plays soccer for fun and will love to spend more time with his young daughter. It is interesting to note that Steve had no interest about soccer until he turned 16. His friends invited him to watch a Major League Soccer game and due to the fact that he was free that weekend; he decided to go along. According to Steve, he caught the bug for the game at this event.

He began to carry out research about the things he did not know. One of the things that appealed to him was his discovery that some of the highest paid sports stars in the world are Soccer players. It dawned on Steve that the game had a wide acceptance on a global scale. He picked up his paces and began training each weekend and his potential for the game blossomed. He led the Property Management Aces soccer team to win laurels in different competitions. Steve scored most of the goals and he was a force to reckon with even among their opponents. One of the high points for the current championship is that the game will be played in Barcelona this year.

As a student of history, Steve looked forward to visit Barcelona and see places like the Gothic quarters. Also, he had read about the architectural masterpiece that was spread across the city. He knew it was his opportunity to learn about their food, culture, music and lifestyle on a firsthand basis. One of Steve’s greatest joys was to help his team get to the knock-out stage of the championship. He was sure that since they had gotten this far that there is nothing that will be able to stop them from winning the trophy.

Steve’s Wife promised to fly with him to Barcelona in order to cheer his team. She told him that she was glad to Steve was having the best of times both on and off the soccer field.

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